Learn About a Tackel Box

Which Items Should be Stored in a Tackel Box?

Learning about a tackel box is important when preparing to fish. Having a container with all your essentials will make your fishing experience more enjoyable. It’s never good when you’re out on the boat and realize that you have forgotten something. It’s back to the pier you go. So plan ahead.

Anglers have developed their own system for keeping their baits and lures handy. What you carry in your container really depends on the type of fishing you will be catching.

Which Items Should be Stored in a Tackel Box?Basic fishing tackle boxes hold:

  • Hooks
  • Sinkers
  • Bobbers
  • Jigs
  • Artificial Lures
  • Extra Fishing Line
  • Small Scissors or Fingernail Clipper
  • Fishing Regulation Book
  • Fishing License (a must)
  • Camera
  • Flash Light

Which Items Should be Stored in a Tackel Box?Flambeau® has a Three-Tray Tackle Box that is durable, worm proof, and water-resistant. It’s made of recycled composite. There are removeable dividers for organizing your gear. Being organized is important because your gear can intertwine and become a bear to separate especially when the hooks get tangled just like ours would get.

The more you fish the more you will start purchasing different types of lures/baits. Larger containers become essential to hold all your gear.

We always carry our container when we go fishing. There are some resorts on the lakes that we fish on. We have a tendency to stop by and have a shore lunch or pizza in their restaurant. So sometimes we store a restaurant guide from the area in our box for menu and contact information. Obviously, we store the guide in a water-resistant bag. As a note, fishing license should also be stored in a water-resistant bag.

There are other items you must bring with you when fishing. Visit our “Tool Box” section to learn about these items, such as needle nose pliers, measuring tape, etc.