Learn About Fishing Hooks

Which Hook to Use?

Which Hook to UseThere are many types of fishing hooks on the market today. Learn about fishing hooks is not difficult. Some hooks are manufactured from either high-carbon steel or stainless steel. Because they are made of steel, they can rust. It’s important that you are careful when handling hooks because they can cause an injury as they are very sharp.

Depending on the type of fish you will be catching determines the type of hook you should use. There are different parts to a hook, the point, the barb, the bend, the shank, and the eye. Each of these parts serves their own purpose.

The point of the hook is very sharp because it is designed to puncture the fish’s mouth or flesh. The barb is the ridge that extends backwards from the hook and is designed to keep the fish from unhooking itself. The barb is also very sharp. The bend and shank of the hook are designed in the shape they are to better hook the fish. The eye of the hook is the part that connects the hook to the line and bait/lure.

There are two types of hooks, the bait-cast hook and the bait and spin-cast lure hook. Depending on the type of fishing you will be doing determine the type of hook you should be using. There is a correlation between the fish, reel, rod, lure/bait and hook.

Hooks are known as single, double or treble hooks. Single hooks have a single shank and point. Most fish can be caught on single hooks. Double hooks have two shanks and two points. They have a single eye that connects the shank and the points. Double hooks are really uncommon for the type of fish I share on this website. Treble hooks have a single eye and connect three shanks and three points. Treble hooks are generally used to catch larger fish because their three hooks are usually added to lures for larger fish.

When shopping for hooks be sure to purchase those that are designed for the type of fish you will be catching.