Fishing Rigs

Method + Technique = Great Fishing

Learn about various types of fishing rigs so that you can catch any type of species using various types of techniques. Rigs are considered a combination of objects connected together to work effectively. You can put together baits, lures, swivels, leaders, snaps, sinkers, bobbers, etc.

A swivel is made up of two or three rings. They are used between a lure and a leader and are designed to prevent twisting when a lure is in motion. Swivels with more than two rings hold another line or sinker. Swivels come in different sizes based on the type of bait you will be using.

A leader is a wire that is placed between the end of the line and the lure. Leaders are stronger lines and are designed to provide strength so that fish can not break the leader with their teeth. Leaders come in various wire weights. The higher the weight the stronger the leader. Stronger weight leaders are used for more aggressive fish like muskies and northern pike.

A snap is a small safety pin type snap that a line is tied to. It is designed so that you can add a rig, lure or hooks easily.

A sinker is weighted lead object that is attached to a line. It is designed to add weight to a lure or live bait so that it sinks to the bottom of the lake.

Rigs are designed for specific types of fishing. There are various types of rigs that are fairly simple to assemble
Our Fishing Techniques section explains different types of techniques you can use. There is a correlation between a fishing technique and a fishing rig.

Bottom Bouncing Rig

A bottom bouncing rig is designed to bounce on the bottom of the lake when it is dragged. The motion caused by dragging stirs up sand, mud and other small particles. This method is usually used when you are drifting or trolling the boat. If you get a few hits on your line its best to stay in this area because there are active fish. Fish will respond when they sense motion in the water.

Drift Fishing Rig

Drifting allows for catching species in different habitats while your boat is drifting because either the water currents or wind movement is stirring your boat. These combinations are similar to bottom bouncing rigs. You can drift fish at the bottom of the lake or any type of depth. Jigs, lures and natural baits work best with this type of rig.

Live Lining Rig

Live lining rig is used in flowing water like currents in rivers or streams. They are used above the bottom of the lake. Keeping your line off the bottom allows it to flow with the current. The line will pass areas where fish are sitting, like rocks, log openings, etc.

Still Fishing Rig

You would use this type of combination for various types of fishing. Whether your boat is anchored or you are drifting, you can attract various types of fish with this type of rig. You can be switch techniques when using this method.

Trolling Rig

This method is used when you are trolling your boat. This method is similar to drifting and is designed based on the size and type of fish you will be catching. You can use crankbaits, and live baits when trolling fishing.

Again, rigs are designed for various types of fishing. The technique, equipment and combinations you will be using depends on the type and size of fish you plan on catching.