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Learn About Yellow Perch

Characteristics Yellow Perch are brownish yellow with about six to nine large dark vertical bars along the body. They don’t have the same number of teeth that other fish do, specifically they don’t have any canine teeth. They eat small fish and invertebrates. Since this fish is great fish to eat, they must be careful […]


Learn About Tiger Muskie

Characteristics The Tiger Muskie is a combination of the Northern Pike and the Muskie. This fish is usually infertile and has characteristics of both parents. It has tiger like bars on it’s body very similar in color and pattern to the Muskie. Its fins are rounded like the Northern Pike but they are the same […]


Learn About Northern Pike

Characteristics Northern Pike, also known as “Northerns”, are one of the most aggressive predators in the lake. They can eat up to four times its weight through out the year. Not only do they eat other fish, they have been known to eat frogs, birds and other small mammals. They are very popular fish because […]


Learn About Fish Species and Characteristics Fishtopia is Woodsy Woman’s resource to valuable information regarding the characteristics and habitats of fish we recommend in Wisconsin lakes. You’ll be introduced to Bluegills, Crappies, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Tiger Muskie, and Muskie. These are a few of the popular fish in freshwater lakes. […]