Learn About Fishing Nets

Which Fishing Net to Use?

Which Fishing Net to UseLearning about fishing nets and purchasing them does not need to be overwhelming because it will probably be one of your easiest purchase.

When venturing out for larger species its best to be prepared and have a net with you. These tools are meshes and are generally made of nylon. They are usually formed by knots. Some come with handles that extend for ease in transporting. Frabill has great selection for all types of species.

When ready to land your catch, place the net in the water and lead your catch into it head first. Depending on how your catch is behaving, usually upset because it’s been hooked, you may miss it the first time. You will need to try again.

If you are planning on releasing your catch by practicing Catch N’ Release, keep your catch in the water unless you want to take a picture of it.

More aggressive species will fight you, smaller ones will be easier to land. When trying to land an aggressive creature, sometimes you will need the assistance of your hands in the water. I recommend you use a specialized glove made of flexible anti-cut material which protects against punctures and cuts from your catch’s teeth or from hooks. Gloves are sold separately and based on whether you are right or left-handed. Check out our “Tool Box” section to learn more about these type of gloves.

Don’t be surprised if you think you can land a small species without the assistance of a tool. Sometimes larger species come after your small ones. Sometimes larger ones may even come after your smaller bait. Be prepared and keep all your tools close.