Learn About Tiger Muskie

Learn About Tiger Muskie


The Tiger Muskie is a combination of the Northern Pike and the Muskie. This fish is usually infertile and has characteristics of both parents. It has tiger like bars on it’s body very similar in color and pattern to the Muskie.

Its fins are rounded like the Northern Pike but they are the same color as the Muskie. The cheek scale and pore patterns resemble those of the Northern Pike and Muskie.

It grows faster than it’s parents. It can exceed 30 pounds. They can handle higher temperature then either parent can.

They are sterile fish and very aggressive making them easy to catch.


Tiger Muskies live in deep water just like it’s parents and move closer to shore to feed existing in 2 feet of water. They feed all times of the day, however, they become active during dusk. After they feed then tend to spend days digesting their food. During the summer time they eat more and become more active. When the water temperature gets cooler they tend to reduce their feeding.


Like the Muskies, they are aggressive game, therefore, heavy weight rods and reels are recommended. 20 – 40 pound test line is used along with heavy weight leaders. Surface baits that create a steady motion and sound is recommended as you do not want to spook a fish. A heavy duty net such as a Frabill net is a staple in your boat as it will be needed when landing your fish. Muskies should be kept in the water as you are removing the bait.

Tips for Fishing

Be prepared when fishing for this aggressive fish. Because they live in deep water and tend to feed by the shore line, you must be willing to move to where they gravitate toward. Because it takes them days to digest their food, they may not always be feeding when your fishing. Be patient with this fish. Doing so will make the rewards greater. I would recommend fishing for this fish if you are serious about aggressive fishing.