Learn About Species Invasion

Unwanted Species Can Affect Our Lakes

Unwanted Species Can Affect Our Lakes

Learn about aquatic species invasion that can affect our inland lakes. Most area lakes have regulations regarding protecting the waters we fish and boat on. Woodsy Woman supports the protection of our freshwater lakes. Therefore, it’s important that you clean all of your recreational equipment before you leave the lakes.

There are harmful plans, animals and other organisms that can attach themselves to our equipment, including our clothing. When we move on to other lakes these unwanted species can be released into them. If the environments are right for the species they can spread drastically and cause great harm to our waters not to mention the fish and other mammals who live in and around these lakes.

To assist in stopping these nuisance species from spreading, inspect your boat and trailer before you launch your boat, after you remove your boat from the lake, and before you get onto the roads.

Each time you leave the water remove any visible plants, fish, mud, etc. from your boat and fishing equipment. Carefully inspect your hitch, rollers, axel, propeller and live well.

Make sure you eliminate any water from you boat. It’s important that your live well is drained and dried. It is common for bacteria to grow in these areas, especially when the boat is sitting in the sun.

It is also important that you dry everything that comes in contact with the water, i.e., your trailer, fishing equipment, pets, and even your clothing.

Never place any plants, fish or other mammals in a body of water different from where they were retrieved.