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Which Fishing Line to Use?

Which Fishing Line to UseFishing line comes in a variety of weight. You will either hear or read the term “Pound-Test”. Pound-test actually means the strength of the line. The pound-test line should match the weight of fish you will be catching. For example, if you are fishing for larger fish that weighs over 10 pounds, it would not be recommended that you use a 4 pound test line as that 10 pound fish will break the line because its weight is stronger than the line you are using.

The rod, reel and bait you are using all correlate with the fishing line and the type of fish you will be catching. There are so many different brand names out on the market because different fish require different types of lines.

Which Fishing Line to UseThe conditions in which you are fishing in also play into the type of line you will use. There are monofilament, braids, fusion, fluorocarbon, etc. type lines. If you are fishing in rough conditions like in rocky or weedy areas use a monofilament, braids or fusion lines as they are a very tough line. Fluorocarbon lines are light weight lines and are better if fishing in clear water as they reflect in the sun.

Bluegills and Crappies are generally caught with 4lb. test line because they are light weight fish. Since they are smaller fish, you won’t need heavy equipment like you would for larger more aggressive fish.

Which Fishing Line to UseYellow Perch are caught using 6 lb. test line. Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass are caught using 8 lb. test line. Just like 6-10 lb. test line is used for Largemouth Bass. Larger fish like Northern Pike require 10-20 lb. test line while Muskies and Tiger Muskies require 20-40 lb. test line.

Keep in mind that sometimes the weight of the line may be slightly different for larger fish especially when you are fishing in a dense weeded area. A stronger line may be required.

If you are using a Bait Casting Reel its best if you use a heavier weight line. Spinning and Spin Cast Reels perform better if you are using a lighter weight line. Visit our Which Reel to Use to learn more about fishing reels.

If your line breaks never discard it in the water or on land as it can harm fish or other wildlife.

Different types of lines can be purchased at any sporting good store or any where that sells fishing equipment.