NorthernStar Learning Shanty

Learn to Select the Right Fishing Equipment

Learn to Select the Right Fishing EquipmentThe virtual NorthernStar Learning Shanty is a center designed to teach you about the different equipment you will need for your fishing ventures. You’ll learn how to select the right Rod, Reel, Line, and Lures/Baits to use. You’ll also learn how to Spool a Reel, select a Fishing Net, and decide which Hook to use. More importantly, you’ll learn How to Cast.

Here’s where the fun comes in, at the NorthernStar Learning Shanty you’ll also learn How to Grid a Lake, Use a Depth Finder, Land a Fish, Clean a Fish and Cook a Fish. Sounds like you’re not ready to eat what you catch? That’s ok; we’ll introduce you to practicing Catch-N-Release or you may want to lake home your prize catch. We’ll introduce you to Mounting Fish.

Follow these steps to make navigating through the NorthernStar Learning Shanty easier for you:

STEP 1. Select fishing equipment needed for the fish you want to catch. Begin learning about Rods, than move on to Reels, Lines, Lures and Baits, and Hooks.

STEP 2. Move on to learning about other aspects of fishing like how to Spool a Line, Fishing Nets, Tackle Box, Tool Box, Depth Finder, and how to Grid a Lake.

STEP 3. At this step you’re moving on to the final process as you prepare to fish. Learning to Cast and practice Catch-N-Release are areas you want to review as well as Mounting a Fish.

There’s more to learn at the NorthernStar Learning Shanty like preparing for small medical emergencies that can happen – visit our First Aid section. Remember to be safe by practicing Fishing Safety.

In the future there will be more to learn at the NorthernStar Learning Shanty like the Best WI Fishing Lakes and the Best Time of the Year to Fish.

We hope you enjoy the NorthernStar Learning Shanty so that you have the best fishing experience.

As you navigate through this section, don’t forget to come back to us to see more that we have to offer.