Learn About Fishing Reels

Which Reel to Use?

Learn about fishing reels and selecting the right reel to use depends on the type of fish you plan on catching. There is a correlation between the rod, reel, fishing line, and lures/baits, however, they are all linked to the type of fish you plan on catching.

There are three types of reels to use, a Spin Cast Reel, a Spinning Reel, and a Bait Casting Reel.

Familiarize yourself with the parts of the reels as you will need to know these parts when you are casting and fishing.

Spin Cast Reel

Which Reel to Use
Most beginner anglers learning to fish start with a Spincast Reel because this fishing reel is so easy to use, especially for kids. Most beginners fish for pan fish like crappies, bluegills and perch because their easier to catch as you practice fishing techniques.

Fishing Reels are designed based on which hand you will use to reel in your catch. The handles of the reels are designed for the right-handed or left-handed angler. Most anglers tend to reel in their line using the hand they gravitate toward.

Before we go further into learning about the different types of fishing reels it’s important to know which type of rod you should use based on the fish you want to catch because there a correlation between the two. Our Fishtopia section introduces you to various fish and their characteristics so that you can determine the type of fish you feel comfortable catching as well as the type of rod, fishing line and baits/lures to use. Our Which Rod to Use section introduces you to various types of rods that are available for the type of fishing you will be enjoying.

If you haven’t already reviewed those sections, please take a moment now and come back to this section.

Spinning Reel

Which Reel to Use
A Spinning Reel is designed to give you control in where you place the baits or lures you cast. For some reason I have become more and more comfortable using a Spinning Reel because not only does it allows me to have more control in my casting, I use this reel because I like to fish for bass and pan fish.

When I cast my baits or lures I like to be able to stop the bait or lure in mid-air so that I’m place the bait or lure exactly where I want it in the water. I have a tendency to over cast or sometimes the wind takes the bait or lure further then where I planned to place it. Being able to control the cast length ensures great placement in the water.

You would use a Spinning Reel when you are fishing for any type of small fish, walleyes or just about any type of fish. Some angles use a spinning reel when they are fishing for large aggressive fish like muskies.

Bait Casting Reel

Which Reel to Use
A Bait Casting Reel is generally used by angles who fish for larger species like largemouth bass, northern pike and muskies.

If you’re fishing for fish larger than pan fish, this reel is also one of the recommended reels. Spinnerbaits, heavy jigs, crankbaits, and any top water lures are generally more effective when using any type of bait-casting reels, because they are designed for power, accuracy and more line capacity. Fishing for large fish requires more cranking power and casting accuracy especially when using a heavy test line. Review our Fishing Line section to learn more about fishing lines.

Most experienced anglers have more than one type of reel as they generally fish for different types of species.

There is so much involved when learning to fish. I hope this information provided to you above can help you a you start your fishing adventures.