Learn About Fishing Safety

Fishing Safety is Important – Be Prepared!

Fishing Safety is Important - Be Prepared!Learn about fishing safety is important because you want to be prepared. As you enjoy the world of fishing always remember that safety comes first. I wouldn’t consider fishing a dangerous sport; however, there are so many elements to fishing where safety must be considered. For example, handling sharp objects, dealing with the ever-changing weather, not to mention being aware of your surroundings where you may come across a reckless boater.

You will never be able to anticipate a safety problem you may encounter on your fishing trip, so be prepared in case trouble finds you. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to fishing safety.

Remember to always have U.S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices with you on your boat. There are legal regulations that you must follow, so don’t get into a boat unless you are certain that the boat is equipped with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) boating requirements. Know how to swim is important in case your boat capsizes.

Bring your first aid items with you on the boat (review our “First Aid” section). I always have with me my first aid sack so that we are prepared regardless if we are fishing on land or on water. My sack always includes sun screen so that we won’t burn. I like to use one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. I tend to burn so I want to minimize a sun burn by wearing sun block products.

Casting overhead will ensure that you won’t injure anyone with your hook. You may think someone is not around you, but you’ll be surprise how quickly someone can change their position around you and put themselves in harms way. If you always cast overhead, you’ll avoid a serious injury.

Having non-alcoholic beverages with you while fishing will assist in avoiding dehydration. When you have the sun beating on you or warm temperatures, cool drinks like water will keep you hydrated.

Make sure to carry inspect repellent to keep those mosquitoes, ticks and other disease carrying insects away from you. I always use insect repellent containing “Deet”. You can find repellent in stores that carry outdoor activity products, such as a grocery store, hardware store, sporting good store, etc.

Whenever I go out on the boat I carry with me clothing in case the weather changes. I always have a disposable rain poncho in my tool box in case the starts to rain. When fishing during dusk, I bring along a wind breaker as the weather is sure to change. Wearing light weight and light color clothes during the day is best because they reflect the sun – dark colors retain the sun and heat.

Remember to always wear full-covered shoes like sneakers as they will protect your feet. I also carry sun glasses with me to protect my eyes from sun rays. There are special ultraviolet (UV) ray sunglasses on the market you can purchase that help with seeing clearer through the water.

If you are out fishing and the weather changes, it is best that you stop fishing and get off the water immediately especially if a storm is approaching. You do not want to be a target for lightening, rough water or high winds.

Oh yes, and finally, bring your waterproof camera so that you can practice catch, photo and release (review our “Catch-N-Release” section).

The best advice anyone can give you is to think of safety at all times.